As part of our portfolio, we also offer preservative treated Block Board. It is extensively used in applications such as partitions, tables, shelves, paneling and doors. The customer has the option of choosing between our M.R. Grade as well as B.W.P. Grade Block Board as per his requirement. 


Block Board is made from selected high grade timber that is seasoned in modernized wood seasoning kiln under controlled temperature & humidity conditions to obtain the uniform moisture required as per IS: 1141. Timber is further sterilized during seasoning process to get rid of any harmful insects present. Regular testing of the final product is done according to IS: 1659 to confirm that the product gives optimum performance for the various applications.



• 100% free from corrugation and unevenness

• Available in both M.R. and B.W.P. Grades

• Fully Warp-free

• Smooth Surface that can be easily painted/polished

• Dimensionally stable and great nail-holding capacity


The standard thicknesses we offer are 19 mm and 25 mm. Other thicknesses can also be available as per customer’s need.


Standard Sizes:


8’ X 4’

8’ X 3’

8’ X 2.5’

7’ X 4’

7’ X 3’

7’ X 2.5’

6’ X 4’

6’ X 3’

6’ X 2.5’